Creating a New future of Work

Our sustainability policy aims to ensure that our objectives are in line with our environmental responsibility. Our priorities are to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices across all business verticals and relationships. Our policy oversees the reduction of waste as well as energy and water consumption. Weecyclers Corporation, an indigenous notable recycling agency help divert as much plastic bottles as possible, ensuring our team achieve the goal of reducing our carbon footprint in a digital-based environment. At Temigotechnobs Innovation MetrIQ Limited, we are highly focused on making a positive impact and creating a sustainable future of work to reduce our environmental impact while growing our business.

Eco-friendly focused

Sustainability Approach

Recycle Conduit

At Temigotechnobs Innovation MetrIQ Limited, we don’t waste electricity, we avoid unnecessary office waste as we always recycle our plastic water bottles and paper to refuse and reuse.

Renewable Energy

Our agency's head-office power architecture has been designed and built to take full advantage of solar energy, natural light and ventilation to reduce energy usage.

Greener Servers

Our servers are very energy efficient – we no longer using multiple physical servers. Even our phone and systems has been audited and upgraded in our pursuit of cost and waste savings.

Vendor Relationship

The impact of each and every individual is meaningful. For this reason, we seek out and use likeminded vendors that uphold eco-friendly practices to serve our business needs


Business Verticals



TemioJara Online Shopping & Retail is an eCommerce platform to start, run, scale and grow a business with 24/7 support. Vendors can now create cutting-edge shopping experiences with built-in instant messaging feature to improve their KYC game and retain more customers.



TFNAfrica is a pan-African digital upskill training provider  that helps individuals with access to learning new skills for tomorrow both online and offline with the inspiration to transform their lives in meaningful ways while building a community of digital experts across Africa.


Social Impact

TBMGlobal is a Pan-African trading & investment enterprise established with the vision of impacting the general populace with the knowledge of trading forex while creating a sustainable investment vehicle with higher returns with the drive for financial freedom. 

TemigoJara Xpress


On-demand warehousing and fulfillment for online businesses to keep their delivery & shipping on track. We simply pick, pack and prepare you order for shipping provide business owners with the best rates for the fastest delivery of their orders.


Real Estate

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