Reasons Why You Need A Website Revamp

Maybe you are even be tempted to assume that something wasn’t done right and this was just a cash grab effort by the agency. But contrary to that, the world is changing rapidly daily, and what was working when your site was developed initially might not work anymore. Your site needs to be dedicated to making conversions, and for that to happen, many things need to be in place. A website-revamp can be a very important step to ensure your website’s long-term health and effectiveness.

Here are the reasons why your website needs to be revamped

1. SEO Ranking

Good designs boost your SEO ranking, while terrible designs hurt your ranking. If you have a poorly designed site that’s hard to use, your human customers are going to leave. Search engines pick up on the fact that users are leaving your site in droves and drop your rankings accordingly. 

2. Responsiveness

A mobile responsive website leaves a good impression on the users. 50-52% of searches come through mobile phones. For your website to be considered authentic it has to be easily navigable on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices as it is on laptops and desktops. Fully responsive and navigable websites provide a better user experience for the users.

3. Re-targeting

Revamping your website helps you to retarget your audience. It helps you to re-align the approach of your website with marketing goals, which in turn can increase your lead conversion rate, and help you reach your target audience.

4. Bad Reviews

Bad reviews and comments from clients or users about your website could be disheartening, but you cannot expect anything more from unsatisfied users. Whenever feedbacks are given, you have to make sure that these issues are resolved. Issues like poor ranking online, non-responsiveness, poor navigation, slow response to actions performed, etc. signifies that your website needs urgent attention and should be attended to promptly.

5. Updated Branding

Revamping helps ensure your website’s branding is up to date; this entails taglines, slogans, brand voice, value proposition as well as a mission statement. Revamping helps build trust and interaction with your users. It shows them that you place a high priority on your business by making the effort to make your website better.

6. Security

You don’t want clients or users to doubt if their information such as credit card details as well as personal information is not well secured, Google automatically shows if a website is secure or not, and people will refuse to patronize you when they see that your website is insecure. The revamping process takes into account every aspect of your website, especially it’s security.

Are you ready to give your website a new look?

If you are asking yourself how you can reorganize your website to gain more users and increase more sales, the best solution is consulting an expert. Here at Temigotechnobs Innovation MetrIQ Limited, we build websites and apps that are enjoyable, profitable, fully responsive, and 100% secure. So, if you want to build a new website for your business or you just want to stop your existing website from looking like something from the 80s, Click here

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