Dummy Text: Quick Easy-to-Use & Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

So the client hasn’t provided copy yet, but you need to mock up a layout. Sure, you could go with classic Lorem Ipsum, used by designers since the 1960s or so. It’s a mixed up, mutated version of a Latin text by Cicero from 45 BC. This is handy, since folks won’t get distracted by words they can read in their own language. They’ll simply evaluate the design itself. Perfect. But maybe you’re sick to death of sit amet consectetur. One of these funny lorem ipsum generators might be just the ticket.


Words uttered by Jeff Goldblum. Go get some Jeff.

Gangsta Ipsum

Fo shizzle, generate yo’ gansta loremizzle.

Online Dating Ipsum

Populate your layout with dating profile text.

Cupcake Ipsum

Make some sweet layouts with dessert-themed words.

Corporate Ipsum

Corporate buzzword placeholder text. Your client may not even realize it’s nonsense.

lorem ipsum generators

Obama Ipsum

The most presidential of the ipsums. Yes you can!

Star Trek Ipsum

Arm the photon torpedoes and download paragraphs of vertex waves.

Toyota Ipsum

Just kidding! This is not placeholder text. It is apparently a car.

A special bonus generator: The Lutheran Insulter

Work getting you down? Funny lorem ipsum generators provide scant relief. If somebody deserves a lecture, four-letter curse words are so overused. Insult clients and colleagues properly, Martin Luther style.

martin luther insulter

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